Future technology predictions and a look back at 2010

This guide considers future technology predictions for virtualisation, cloud computing and data management and looks back at the key trends in 2010.

As 2010 draws to a close, we review the technology trends that took the year by storm and what to expect in 2011.

This guide offers news, tips, blogs and podcasts on what shook the industry in 2010 as well as technology predictions for 2011.



A look back at technology trends in 2010 : News and tips

VMware virtualisation management plans mystify users
Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer |17 Dec 2010
At the top of users' holiday wish lists is understanding VMware's virtualisation and virtual data centre management roadmap in the new year. Take a look at these future technology predictions.

Managed hosting services explode in 2010
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 07 Dec 2010
As businesses become more comfortable in moving their data to the cloud, there has been growing demand for managed hosting services.

VMware partners in Europe say recession still looms
Jo Maitland, Executive Editor | Oct 11 2010
VMware's European partners say cloud is out, virtual desktop infrastructure is in, and the budget-conscious  will turn to Microsoft in 2011.



Future technology predictions 2011: News and tips

 In 2011, will Microsoft muscle in on virtual desktops, too?
Bridget Botelho, Senior Site Editor |01 Dec 2010
In early 2010, Microsoft took a position of benign neglect with virtual desktop technology. In 2011, it has a different story to tell.

Citrix looks to 2011 to boost VDI uptake, update XenClient
Bridget Botelho, Senior Site Editor |15 Dec 2010
Despite slow corporate adoption of desktop virtualisation this year, Citrix Systems Inc. will update XenClient and XenDesktop in 2011.

Five Windows Server books to watch for in 2011
SearchWindowsServer.com staff |16 Dec 2010
In the new year, do you want to bring your Windows skills up a notch? These five books planned for release in 2011 cover topics such as lesser-known Windows Server 2008 R2 features, security practices for admins and the latest on VMware ESX in the enterprise.

Q&A: Citrix's Crosby on XenServer and the cloudy future
Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer | 22 Dec 2010
XenServer is more than just a gateway to XenDesktop, cloud computing is more than glorified server virtualisation and  cloud computing security concerns are overblown, said Citrix CTO Simon Crosby in a discussion on the company's roadmap and future technology predictions.



Future technology predictions: Podcasts and blogs

 Data storage trends 2011: Predictions of hot data storage technologies
Carol Sliwa, Features Writer | 14 Dec 2010
When we asked analysts Tony Asaro, Valdis Filks and Greg Schulz to pick the three hottest data storage technologies for 2011, they offered their predictions.

Podcast: The year 2010 in review and VMware predictions for 2011
Colin Steele, Senior Site Editor | 16 Dec 2010
Brian Madden, Mike Laverick, Bridget Botelho and Colin Steele were guests on a VMware Communities Roundtable podcast. They discussed the biggest virtualisation news of 2010 and some future technology predictions.

2011 IT Security Predictions
SearchSecurity.com Staff | 22 Dec 2010
Patrik Runald of Websense's Security Labs gives his IT security predictions for 2011.


Kayleigh Bateman is the site editor for SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.UK.

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