Capacity planning: A how-to guide

In this guide, our expert covers all aspects of the fundamental steps needed for performing successful capacity planning.

Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor

In order to quickly analyse and correct any system performance problems, capacity planning tools can avoid bottlenecks. By predicting how servers should be configured for future workloads, the goal is to be left with no unexpected surprises in addition to satisfactory service levels for your users.

In this guide, our expert, Mike Laverick, covers all aspects of the fundamental steps needed for performing successful capacity planning.


A How-to Guide  

Part 1: VMware vSphere capacity planning recommendations 

Mike Laverick, Contributor | 23 March 2010
Find out which tools are most needed to embark on a capacity planning exercise, including VMware Guide Consolidation and VMware Capacity Planner.

 Part 2: The challenges of working with VMware Capacity Planner 

Mike Laverick, Contributor | 30 March 2010
Find out how to overcome the difficulties associated with VMware Capacity Planner and other capacity planning tools, like PlateSpin Recon.

 Part 3: Common traps to avoid when undergoing capacity planning 

Mike Laverick, Contributor | 06 April 2010
Our expert explains issues that users may encounter when undertaking capacity planning exercises, including misleading performance percentages.




Mike Laverick

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Laverick is a professional instructor with 15 years experience in technologies such as Novell, Windows and Citrix, and he has been involved with the VMware community since 2003. Laverick is a VMware forum moderator and member of the London VMware User Group Steering Committee. In addition to teaching, Laverick is the owner and author of the virtualisation website and blog RTFM Education, where he publishes free guides and utilities aimed at VMware ESX/VirtualCenter users. In 2009, Laverick received the VMware vExpert award and helped found the Irish and Scottish user groups. Laverick has had books published on VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, VMware vSphere4 and VMware Site Recovery Manager.

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