CISSP preparation and learning guide

Our CISSP preparation guide has undergone revisions so that your efforts are aided by the latest info. Do empower your CISSP efforts with these essentials.

Welcome to's CISSP preparation guide. First published in October 2010, this guide underwent revisions in February 2011 to include newer and updated resources to boost your preparation efforts towards the coveted CISSP certification. We will be adding more resources to this CISSP training tutorial, so do bookmark this page.

If you plan to build a successful career in the lucrative infosec industry with the help of global recognition, then the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)’ is a certification worth considering. CISSP, a vendor neutral certification is offered by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². As of July 20, 2010, (ISC)² reported of 67,744 members who hold the CISSP certification in 134 countries. The CISSP has rapidly gained prominence among Indian security professional as well.

CISSP certification primarily focuses on security technology and management. In this learning guide, we will provide you with critical resources that can help you in CISSP preparation.

How can I get my CISSP certification?

This is the first question that comes to your mind while thinking of CISSP preparation.  There are four main processes that a candidate needs to successfully complete in order to achieve a CISSP certification. These include Examination, Certification, Endorsement and Audit. One of our readers raised this question to our security expert Mike Rothman, who gave a stepwise scenario of what an individual requires to prepare for CISSP certification.

CISSP preparation basics in a nutshell

In this article we give you the basic preparation requirements of CISSP certification. This includes details on required qualifications, experience, domain knowledge, and passing cut-off. You will also get an overview of how you can prepare for the CISSP certification in India.

Tips to brave the CISSP exam

The CISSP exam can be quite a tough nut to crack. To this end, infosec expert Dinesh Bareja has put together a quick list of strategies, resources and related information to streamline your CISSP preparation efforts. Brief overviews of the basic requirements and (ISC)2 CBK domains  are also included in this part of our CISSP preparation guide are also part of this advice column. Step this way to get Bareja’s CISSP preparation tips.

CISSP Essentials Security School

The CISSP examination is based the Common Body of Knowledge (or CBK), which is a taxonomy — a collection of topics (10 domains) that cover the tenets of information security — confidentiality, integrity and availability.  In this recently updated CISSP Essentials Security School session, we bring you 10 lessons that cover each of the 10 domains as 45-minute video presentations. This will prove to be an excellent CISSP preparation source, as it highlights the significance of each domain, as well as defines policies and procedures under each domain.

CISSP Study Guide:  to pass the CISSP exam

This part of the CISSP preparation study guide has been exclusively created in partnership with security expert Shon Harris. It cover the 10 domains of CISSP certification such as Telecommunications and Network Security, Physical Security, Cryptography, Operations Security, Access Control, Application Security and System Development,  Information Security and Risk Management, Security Architecture and Model Laws, Investigations and Ethics Business Continuity. This part of our CISSP preparation guide defines each domain, offers domain-specific tips and resources, along with a CISSP practice quiz to test your knowledge.

Dos and don'ts for passing the CISSP exam

The popularity of the CISSP certification has spurred a plethora of offers and magic recipes claiming to help candidates effortlessly prepare for their certification goals. However, as an CISSP aspirant, you must remember there is no silver bullet for CISSP preparation. Hence you cannot afford to depend just on a single resource to pass the CISSP exam. A proper mix of real life experience and study can ensure success. Here are some useful dos and don'ts to help you with CISSP preparation.

Take the CISSP exam without required experience

Are you an enthusiast CISSP aspirant who lacks the required minimum five years of experience? Then refer this Expert answer column, where Shon Harris explains the various options to prepare for CISSP certification if you don’t have the required experience.

CISSP preparation can serve as introduction to regulatory compliance

In recent years, regulation requirements at national and regional levels have significantly transformed the business of security. Adoption of many security practices has become a matter of regulatory compliance, rather than merely a measure to avoid worst-case security scenarios.  To this end, CISSP certification often aids infosec practitioners in their efforts to deal with situations where compliance drives the corporate information security agenda. If you plan to specialize in field of compliance and governance, then this article can enlighten you on how CISSP preparation can also benefit you in the governance and compliance domains. 

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