A guide to virtualisation management

All you need to know about virtualisation management -- from news to expert advice -- is available here, including the latest on VMware, tips on licensing and capacity planning.

As interest in virtualisation continues to evolve, the management of a virtual environment becomes more and more important. This guide is designed to help you get the management process right. Find the latest virtualisation management news, tips, and expert responses in this brand-new compilation.

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Virtualisation management news

Managing virtual environments: Common myths dispelled
Rupert Collier, Contributor | 06 Aug 2010 
Our expert helps to dispel some common virtualisation misconceptions, including the idea that virtualisation guarantees improved performance.

Hyperic monitoring deepens ties with VMware vCenter
Alex Barrett, News Director | 06 Aug 2010 
Monitoring tool Hyperic now integrates with VMware vCenter. But Hyperic's strong ties to SpringSource, the creator of a Java development platform, may signal cloud plans as well.

Plan ahead and sweat your virtual assets
Robin Webster, Contributor | 06 Aug 2010 
Firms looking to decrease hardware demands by virtualising should keep a close eye on server growth, costs and workload flows across virtual machines, according to our expert.

The end of the physical server is nigh
Paul Casey, Contributor | 04 Aug 2010 
After virtualising non-critical business data, the next step away from physical servers is tackling greater risks to produce higher rewards, according to our expert.

Improving business resilience and continuity planning through virtualisation
Pete Canavan, Contributor | 03 Aug 2010 
An IT service provider explains why well-planned best practices and the increased efficiencies of virtualisation technologies make it so easy to plan ahead for a disaster.

Virtualisation management: Quick win, quick fall if you fail to plan ahead
Will Rodbard, Contributor | 30 Jul 2010
For some companies, going too fast from the testing phase of virtualisation to live production could be dangerous, according to an IT service provider.

VMware View 4.5 to ship late, minus profile management
Bridget Botelho, Senior News Writer | 25 Jun 2010 
VMware has pushed out delivery of its next-generation virtual desktop software, View 4.5. The company also axed one of its star features.

VMware View users forced to find alternatives for profile management
Bridget Botelho, Senior News Writer | 22 Jun 2010
VMware pulled its profile management feature out of the View 4.5 beta, leaving customers with no choice but to shop around.

The real value of virtualisation
Alistair Williams, Contributor | 16 Jun 2010 
Discover how to fully realise the benefits and cost savings of virtualisation, including the importance of maximising energy efficiency and meeting IT project deadlines.

How to virtualise: Six predictions for 2010
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 17 Feb 2010 
What's the next big thing in virtualisation management? Vizioncore's vice president of EMEA explains how to best virtualise your systems and what's hot and what's not.

When your infrastructure is virtual it's a jungle out there
Clive Longbottom, Contributor | 18 Jan 2010 
Why virtualisation projects fail, and a rundown of what else is to come from this UK analyst. The first in a series of monthly articles, on when you your infrastructure has gone virtual.

Licensing servers in a virtual environment
Phil Heap, Contributor | 26 Nov 2009 
Don't get distracted by the flashing lights of your virtual environment -- beware unexpected costs from a poorly managed software estate, says this licensing expert.

Plan ahead to avoid virtual machine sprawl
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 22 Sep 2009 
IT managers should keep a close eye on virtual machines, which start off as simple to manage but can leave administrators chasing their own tails if the virtual environment is not.


Virtualisation management tips and articles

Image management in a virtualised environment 
Clive Longbottom | 11 May 2010
Strong image management skills are required to deal with licensing issues and properly control your virtual world.

How to optimise VM placement in data centres
Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest, Contributors | 15 Apr 2010
Move from conservative to aggressive, VM placement and reap the server consolidation benefits while maintaining performance.

Common traps to avoid when undergoing capacity planning
Mike Laverick |06 Apr 2010
Our expert explains issues that users may encounter when undertaking capacity planning exercises, including misleading performance percentages.

How to undertake capacity planning for VMware vSphere
Mike Laverick |23 Mar 2010
Find out which four main tools are most needed to embark on a capacity planning exercise.

How to find alternative virtualisation technologies
Andrew Cross | 05 Mar 2010
There are other virtualisation solutions out there beyond the obvious big vendors. Find out why it might be beneficial to do some independent research of your own.

Why virtual machine updates are so important 
Rob McShinsky, Contributor |04 Mar 2010
Virtual machine updates and patches require a game plan. This checklist helps eliminate the problems associated with virtual machine update management.

A step-by-step guide to designing an effective data management strategy
Chris Gabriel, Contributor | 27 Jan 2010
These four steps will help achieve an intuitive data management strategy and improved performance from a virtual environment.

Managing virtual machines in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 
Sander van Vugt, Contributor |22 Dec 2009
There are two tools for managing virtual machines in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4: virt-manager and virsh. Find out how to use both to keep your virtual environment running.

Top-rated virtualisation management tools and priorities
Barb Goldworm, Contributor | 15 Dec 2009
Read up on current top virtualisation priorities and management tools. In the lead: performance management, data protection and storage management; VMware's own tools and Microsoft's.

Integrated IT management's measurable benefits in virtualised environments
Andi Mann, Contributor | 15 Dec 2009
Integrated IT management principles can help combat heterogeneous virtualisation environment problems and bring measurable benefits.

The best free virtualisation tools guide
David Davis, Contributor | 10 Dec 2009
This best free virtualisation tools guide separates the wheat from the chaff of virtualisation freeware, from free command-line tools to free VM performance monitoring tools.

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