A guide to virtual data centre planning, design and licensing

Read expert advice on data centre planning, virtual data centre design and software licensing management in this series of articles by a Quocirca analyst.

If you’re faced with the challenge of managing a data centre in the UK, these resources on virtual data centre planning covers everything you need to know.

SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.UK expert and Quocirca analyst Clive Longbottom has written a series of articles covering data centre planning basics, virtual data centre design and software licensing management.

Data centre planning basics

With a virtual infrastructure, it's a jungle out there 
18 Jan 2010
This tip offers his perspective on why virtualisation projects fail as well as a rundown of what else is to come in the world of virtualisation. This is the first instalment in a series of monthly articles about data centre planning basics for when you your infrastructure has gone virtual.

 Managing data centres: People and hardware don't mix
07 Sep 2010
Turning a data centre into a lights-out, hands-off environment saves money and removes the possibility of human error. Find out how to properly separate humans and hardware.

 Cloud computing is coming: Prepare for hybridisation
09 Nov 2010
Find out why businesses will benefit from determining which type of cloud fits the company's needs.

Five steps to data centre optimisation
01 Dec 2010
Follow these five steps when planning your data centre optimisation.

To stay competitive, focus on functional applications
18 Oct 2010
Clever UK businesses have realised the value in virtualisation, and they may soon discover the benefits of a functional approach over monolithic applications.

Virtual data centre design

How to design a virtual environment: Getting the architecture right
05 Feb 2010
Learn the important elements of virtual data centre design, including methods for tackling power distribution, rack engineering and images.

In a virtual room, the physical data centre design matters
10 Mar 2010
When implementing a virtual platform, IT often overlooks the physical data centre design. Before you begin virtualising, consult this list of rules.

Gain data centre energy efficiency by cutting cooling 
08 Jul 2010
As data centre technology can withstand temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, it's time to stop examining virtual data centre design in human terms. 

How data centre cabling affects cooling and energy efficiency 
12 Aug 2010
In this tip, find out how to design an efficient and effective data centre cabling approach and why Quocirca firmly advises against using raised floors.

Software licensing management

How virtualisation is changing software business models
15 Apr 2010
Some software vendors have been slow to accept new business models, and this has led to complications over licensing agreements in a virtual world. Read how to get up to date on software licensing management.

 Image management in a virtualised environment
11 May 2010
Strong image management skills are required to deal with software licensing issues and properly control your virtual environment.

 Software licensing management for virtual data centres
11 Jun 2010
Find out how to maximise savings and deal with the software licensing conundrum that is the virtual world.

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