The technology transforming the retail industry


Retail stores developed as showrooms

The concept of “showrooming” is increasing in the retail industry as the sector moves more towards omni-channel.

Customers expect a personalised experience in stores, and many young customers want in-store staff to be aware of the products they have searched for or purchased through the brand’s online channels.

The picture here shows the M.Gemi store in New York, a retail space designed specifically for customers to try on and select products – focussed on customer experience.

Rather than leave the store with their purchases, in-store associates use tablets to check customers out cashlessly and send purchases to the customer’s home.

The environment in the store encourages customers to socialise, enjoy the visit and use social media during their visit – a bar is provided so the focus is purely on the experience customers have in the store.

Stores are still an important part of the retail ecosystem, but many modern stores are using these digital methods to tie in their online and bricks-and-mortar offerings to focus more on customer experience and personalisation. 

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