Five easy tips to improve working from home networks


Home working: Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

Wireless home networking promises to get easier with the next generation of technology, Wi-Fi 6. However, this does require purchasing Wi-Fi 6 routers. Larger homes may require Wi-Fi 6-based mesh networking, for whole home internet access. This is currently the most costly network upgrade option.

According to Paul Routledge, country manager, UK&I D-link, Wi-Fi 6 is 38% faster and can support 4X more device capacity than with Wi-Fi 5. “You can connect and stream on all your devices without affecting speed or reliability,” he says. People can take advantage of this technology without requiring an entirely new home broadband router. “You can still take advantage of a separate wireless router, by setting your modem/router into bridging mode,” he says.

Bridge mode disables the Network Address Translation (NAT) feature on a modem/router, allowing a seperate router to be used just for Wi-Fi.

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