Apollo 11: From one small step to interplanetary computing


Apollo 11, 50th anniversary: Computer Weekly, July 24 1969 edition

Computer Weekly covered the original moon landing in July 1969. In the article John Bradshaw wrote about how an IBM Real Time Computer Complex (RTCC) at Houston was used to collect and process data received from Apollo 11 before re-transmission to Mission Control. The computer operated under a special lunar mission package with several subsystems, each concerned with one particular aspect of the mission - from launch to re-entry.

The complex comprised two IBM 360/75J computers, custom configured to Nasa's requirements, plus peripheral storage and processing hardware. One of these was  the primary machines, while the other acted as a standby.

The original article can be seen  at the National Museum of Computing, which has also provided us with full hi-res scan. Downloading this PDF >>

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