A datacentre in a church: Welcome to the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre


MareNostrum: Inside the BSC supercomputer

Source:  Caroline Donnelly

The supercomputer consists of 48 Lenovo SD530 server racks, containing a total of 165,888 Intel Xeon Platinum Cores, and runs the Linux operating system. According to its operators, the setup has a peak performance of 11.15 petaflops.

Each rack features 3,450 cores and 6,912 GB of memory and is capable of a peak performance of 226.80 Teraflops.

The system is currently ranked by the Top500, a bi-annually compiled list of the world’s top 500 performing supercomputer, as being the 22nd most powerful machine of its type. At its peak, it secured the top 13 position.

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