Mobile World Congress 2018: The key technologies and issues in mobile


MWC 2018: Role of blockchain in network security

The vice president of IoT product management at Qualcomm Technologies Seshu Madhavapeddy used Mobile World Congress to speak openly about concerns related to blockchain technologies and to what extent these will address security concerns in the Internet of Things. Madhavapeddy acknowledges that although blockchain can play a role in IoT security, he says that IoT device security needs to be hardwired down to the silicon that powers IoT devices themselves.

US operators T-Mobile and Verizon are already working on blockchain technology. In T-Mobile’s case, it is understood to be participating in the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Sawtooth project for identity and access management (IAM), while Verizon hopes to introduce services to help enterprise and public sector customers protect both their network infrastructure and supply chains using KSI blockchain technology.

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