Oracle: Five guaranteed cost-saving initiatives


Oracle licensing tip: Have a single point of ownership

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Daniel Ward, director, Livingstone Technology says: "It is absolutely essential to have a single point of ownership for Oracle. Every Oracle user must have a single person who is solely responsible and accountable for managing the risk and opportunities of the Oracle estate. It always surprises us how often we go into large organisations and find that this critical role is not in place. When you consider how much of a high cost expense Oracle is, this approach is nonsensical."

According to Ward, if you are a multinational company spending upwards of £5m a year on an application that is absolutely critical to the day-to-day running of the business, you cannot afford to not have someone responsible for this spend. Ward warns: "As everyone who has ever been through an Oracle audit will know, it doesn’t take much of a variance in the estate to create a huge financial risk (or, if well managed, a reward) to the organisation. Make sure you have someone keeping Oracle in check!"

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