Oracle: Five guaranteed cost-saving initiatives


Oracle licensing tip: Optimise the architecture as well as the licence

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Maxime Pawlak, director of Easytrust says: "Many consulting companies will focus on optimising the contract (the licence). But what is more important is optimising the architecture itself to make the most of Oracle’s licensing terms. You must have a clear vision of the licences as a starting point, but this must be combined with knowledge around the different Oracle architectures." Pawlak says the following three architectures are the most important to consider:

  • Virtualised architecture: You can’t get rid of virtualisation, but there are ways to optimise it. This must be adequately documented so that compliance can be proven with Oracle.
  • Disaster recovery architecture: You can architect your disaster recovery infrastructure to minimise the fees required for these servers – for example, using the same storage for both servers or minimising the number of times you run disaster recovery to the limit set by the licence.
  • Cloud architecture: Providing the business strategy stacks up, putting Oracle services into the cloud could be good for optimisation and quality of service, particularly with Oracle’s virtual licences with Azure.”

The ITAM Review is running an Oracle licensing seminar on Friday 21 November -

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