BlackBerry Passport: A first look


BlackBerry Passport: work and home life integration

Source:  BlackBerry

BlackBerry Balance is a feature that is available for customers that are connected to BES10. According to BlackBerry, it can be used to separate personal information from work data.

Corporate data remains within a work perimeter that can be managed by administrators, while personal data like apps downloaded from BlackBerry World, personal email accounts and photos are stored separately.

According to BlackBerry,  Balance automatically locks the work accounts after a set period of time, providing protection for work information without interrupting the personal experience.

Running applications appear on the Active Frames panel on the Passport device, and can include both work and personal apps.

Users are to launch apps from both the Personal and Work perimeters and  multitask between them. Currently running work apps are labeled with a small briefcase icon overlaid onto the Active Frame.

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