Avon Rubber implements Sage ERP X3


Avon Rubber masks

Source:  Avon Rubber

Avon Rubber used to produce automotive tyres, but in the last 5-10 years it has transformed its business to become a world leader in protection and defense, as well as providing products for the milking industry. The company now has 750 employees across the world and a turnover of £125m.

Avon designs, tests and manufactures specialist products in the UK, US and abroad. Thousands of products are moved around the globe each month to offices, factories and distribution centres and Sage’s ERP X3 and intelligence software has given Avon Rubber greater visibility and tracking methods.

“Before we implemented Sage ERP X3, we had eight separate accounting and operation applications, each with its own reporting engine,” said Mike DePasquale, group enterprise systems manager at Avon Rubber. “There was no consistency, poor visibility, and our IT resources were stretched just helping our users obtain the basic information they needed.”

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