Wimbledon bunker tour: The IT behind the tennis championships


Digital Wimbledon

Source:  IBM

IBM also manages Wimbledon’s digital environment via its website, and mobile applications.

Wimbledon strives to make its apps look as beautiful as possible, and provide the next best experience to being at the championships for those who can’t be there.

The iPad application was introduced last year in 2013, while the smartphone apps were launched this year, along with its social media command centre and its aggressive shot analysis

Alexandra Willis, content and communications manager at AELTC, said that while mobile continues to grow year-on-year, the website is still very important to the club and is part of its core offerings, with it receiving 19.7m unique visitors and 430m page views during the championship last year.

“What’s most important is that we stay true to our brand in everything we’re doing,” she said.

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