System Mechanic 12 Review


System Mechanic 12: First Take

We looked at the System Mechanic dashboard, and found, disappointingly, the status of the PC was rated as poor. The system detected over 600 registry problems and over 1GB of system clutter. The dashboard also warned me of 31 potentially unwanted start-up programmes, and 7 potential security vulnerabilities.

You can choose to let System Mechanic repair the problems automatically, or view the problems in more detail.  The system tells you exactly what each issue is, and explains why it’s a problem.

We chose to repair the registry and clean up the system clutter. Removing system clutter kept my computer busy, so time enough for a tea break while it worked away.

Next stop: unwanted programmes in the start-up menu. The software gives a description of each piece of software and its function.  We decided to remove an annoying programme tool bar from Ask , and a utility for labelling CD’s.

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