System Mechanic 12 Review


System Mechanic 12: Clearing away the rubbish

It’s a fact PCs become slower and slower with age. Usually this is nothing to do with the hardware, but an accumulation of redundant files, inefficient software, fragmented disks and  a general build-up electronic garbage.  System Mechanic  is essentially a refuse service that will clear the garbage away, tune-up your PC and let it run faster.

The System Mechanic web site reveals a catalogue of PC maladies than you never knew you had.  Memory leaks, misaligned programmes,  fragmented registries, and the delightfully named CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilisers).  

Version 12 of the software claims to solve all of these problems and more, while giving your computer a general spruce up.

Key changes and features in the latest version included:

  • Stability Guard 
  • Core Data Recalibrator 
  • CRUUD remover enhancements
  • Windows 8.1 Enhancements
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