IT at the WWF Living Planet Centre


IT strategy: meeting rooms

Source:  © Richard Stonehouse

Video-conferencing facilities are available in four main areas of the building, and all the meeting rooms are named after different places in the world the WWF currently works in or has worked in previously.

To book a meeting room, an employee uses a system on their laptop. As well as the desktop system, tablets attached to the walls outside the meeting rooms inform people if the room is booked. To enter the room, the employee must use their security fob, but if no one enters the room 15 minutes into the booked slot, the system cancels the booking to allow other employees to use the space.

The same security fobs are used to print documents in the office. The building has a follow-me printing scheme, which means users who wish to print must send documents to the printer and then physically walk over to the printer and touch their fob to print. Using this system greatly reduces the number of unclaimed printouts in paper trays, and the WWF has reduced the number of printers serving 340 employees from 16 in its old office to four in the Living Planet Centre.

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