Highlights from PwC’s State of Information Security Survey, India 2013


Plan versus reality: How prominent is the security culture?

Source:  PricewaterhouseCooper survey report, State of Information Security India 2013

While 80% of respondents to the PwC survey are confident that their organizations instill an effective security culture, the findings reflect a lack of commitment to infosec on the ground. Most Indian organizations lack a proper incident response mechanism, and less than 40% require third parties to comply with their privacy policy. Fewer than 47% believe that their companies collect, retain and access only as much data as necessary for business.

Moreover, involvement of security in major projects is another indication of on the ground reality. While 32% of respondents say that security gets involved in major projects at inception, there are those (29%) who state that security is looped in during the analysis process; another 13% says that security is only involved during implementation. More than one in six affirms that security is called in as per requirement.

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