Scrum methodology FAQ for Indian professionals


Popularity of the Scrum model

Q. What makes the Scrum model so popular in India?

Over the past few years, Scrum has become the most popular of the agile development methodologies in India. While it is not suited to every organization's projects, many report substantial productivity gains on account of the Scrum model.

From the context of India's software outsourcing outfits, speed and flexibility are the two critical aspects in their business. The Scrum model helps them with both these. Speedy development allows their global customers to reduce time-to-market and shorten life-spans of the end-products and flexibility helps them refocus as per the changing market scenarios from time to time.

A project following the Scrum model has the advantages of being efficient, adaptive, and sending out a constant feedback stream to the customer. Usually, the teams experience no threatening deadlines (because of the incremental nature of development), and are relatively free to experiment with 'what will work' for a particular project.


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