Scrum methodology FAQ for Indian professionals


Scrum team roles and the project process

Q. What are the roles in a Scrum project, and how do teams work under Scrum?

Typically, there are three roles in a Scrum-driven project: Product owner, ScrumMaster, and the Scrum team. The product owner is the key stakeholder of the project, usually involved in the marketing or management of the product.

A Scrum-driven project proceeds as a series of sprints. Each sprint begins with a meeting where a list of tasks for that sprint is decided upon. Meetings called 'daily scrums' reorient and refocus the team as appropriate. When a sprint comes to a close, team members demonstrate, in an informal context, what has and has not been accomplished in that period.

The ScrumMaster acts as facilitator and coordinator, addressing issues that might bring down the team's productivity. Traditional software development roles do not figure on a Scrum team. Members decide among themselves, and with the help of the ScrumMaster, who will complete what work during a sprint.


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