Review: System Mechanic from Iolo


First take

I started by pressing the 'analyse now' button. After a few minutes I was presented with a screen which told me the system status of my PC was ‘poor’. Clicking on the 'view problems' button revealed that my machine had 47 repairable security vulnerabilities, 543 registry problems, a huge amount of system clutter, low memory levels, and 9 unnecessary start up items.

You can choose to let System Mechanic repair the problems automatically, or view the problems in more detail.  The system tells you exactly what each issue is, and explains why it’s a problem.

The registry had a large number of invalid uninstallers, auto run programmes, and other detritus. I decided to clean these up and most were successfully removed. Next stop: unwanted programmes in the start-up menu. The software gives a description of each piece of software and its function. I decided to remove an annoying programme from MacAfee and some freeware I had forgotten I had.

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