13 Android security apps


8. Avast Mobile Security for Android

Source:  Google Play

Here’s what the Android police have to say about Avast Mobile Security for Android: “Most ingenious Android security solution and best root integration we have seen to date!” This is definitely among the select Android security apps that you need to consider.

A full-fledged theft security app for your Android device, Avast takes care of infected URLs, automated virus scans, history wipe, phone lock, and siren activation in case of theft identification. The most powerful feature of this Android security app is the “invisible” option. If this option is activated, then in case of theft, the thief would be clueless about the app’s existence on the device, and you can use its features to safely retrieve your device. Unlike other Android security apps such as McAfee Wave Secure, this app is not as aggressive when it comes to notification alerts. 

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