13 Android security apps


4. PDroid Privacy Protection

Source:  Google Play

PDroid Privacy Protection helps you take control of access to your private data like device ID (IMEI, MEID,ESN), subscriber ID (IMSI), SIM serial (ICCID), phone/mailbox number, network location and much more, by applications. PDroid allows you to block access to private data for any application regardless of permissions. PDroid also allows supplying custom/random values for the same.

Installation is not as straight forward as other apps, and you will need to flash an open source PDroid patch directly into the ROM in order to use this app. Your device needs to be rooted to use PDroid; however it is not required for the app to run. PDroid is developed by the XDA developer community. You can find more info on how to install PDroid here.

Google Play download  |  Developer site

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