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Top 10 ANZ enterprise IT stories of 2016

Here is a rundown of Computer Weekly’s most popular ANZ enterprise IT articles for 2016

Australia and New Zealand are rapidly adopting the latest enterprise IT offers. Businesses in the region are increasing their IT spend, while public bodies are driving towards the same digital goals.

Although IT challenges are the same the world over, the southern lands are unique and, like the indigenous wildlife of the region, their IT strategies are often a little different from those of other developed regions.

To help understand some of ANZ’s IT idiosyncrasies, here are 10 of Computer Weekly’s most popular articles about the region’s enterprise and public sector IT projects and challenges in 2016.

1. Australia’s digital transformation head Paul Shetler marks a first year

This year was an important milestone for Paul Shetler, the man hand-picked by Australia’s prime minister to drag its public service IT into the digitally focused 21st century.

2. How data saves lives in Australia’s hospitals

Australia’s National Blood Authority saves A$10m as mobile and data innovations inject efficiency into the supply chain.

3. The state of all-flash versus hybrid storage in Australia and New Zealand

Magnetic disk drives are yesterday’s technology. Soon all servers will be based on all-flash arrays – or will they?

4. Telstra outage fires warning to corporate Australia

Telstra’s recent mobile network outage revealed the extent to which Australian enterprises rely on such connections, but the challenge will be magnified greatly when the internet of things reaches peak deployment.

5. Apple Pay struggles in Australia as banks profit from a fee-phobic market

Despite Australia being iPhone crazy, its banks are not exactly rushing to enable the payment process.

6. Avoiding a security nightmare at South Australia’s Catholic schools

Taking on the challenge of securing student and organisational data while ensuring easy access to resources.

7. PwC Australia uses gamification to teach cyber security lessons

With the number of cyber incidents identified by Australian organisations more than doubling in the past year, PwC is using an online game to give enterprises first-hand experience of what it means to face a cyber attack.

8. Australian council removes costly bottleneck with traditional storage architecture

Redland City Council chose to return to a traditional storage architecture when it was struggling to get rates notices out in good time.

9. Australia’s IFC Logistics virtualises storage to prevent further outages

Australian logistics firm moved to virtualised storage through a managed service after a serious outage.

10. Red Cross data breach shows security is still not a priority

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has responded quickly to a breach of 550,000 donors’ details, but security commentators say the incident shows security is still not a priority for many organisations.

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