Ericsson establishes Federal Technologies Group in US

Comms tech provider ups engagement with US government services by creating entity designed to drive digital transformation and accelerate innovation

In what is said to mark a significant step forward in Ericsson’s mission to empower the US government (USG) with what it calls cutting-edge technology, ensuring national security and driving digital modernisation across federal agencies, comms tech provider Ericsson has announced the launch of the Ericsson Federal Technologies Group (EFTG), dedicated to driving 5G-driven digital transformation in US federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD).

Led by newly appointed CEO Christoper Ling, the launch of EFTG is designed to assist the USG’s digital transformation plan, which intends to accelerate innovation by focusing on the speedy adoption of commercial technologies. Given its expertise in 5G technologies and services, Ericsson said it recognises the importance of a continued commitment to customers, investments in new technologies to continuously improve services and the responsibility to national security.

The organisation will also offer advisory services to existing customers and USG entities for designing robust, secure and highly integrated networking offerings to support use cases that Ericsson said places extreme demands on 5G networks. It will also partner with systems integrators, existing customers and USG entities to analyse requirements essential for capturing new demands, driving innovation and guiding global standardisation efforts that are critical in the evolution to 6G.

Ericsson said its strategic governmental partnerships with the US National Science Foundation’s Advanced Wireless Research Facility and the CTIA Cybersecurity Lab will ensure future innovation at commercial speed, scalability across the entire enterprise and integration in security domains.

“Connecting individuals, businesses and national security depends on secure, reliable and resilient 5G infrastructure,” said Yossi Cohen, president and head of Ericsson North America. “We are excited to build on existing projects with the US government, including the DoD, where Ericsson provides the foundation for multiple 5G prototype deployments and expand into additional government agencies with our innovation and leadership.”

The tech firm also believes it already meets USG requirements for 5G networks, including support for Open RAN-ready technologies and equipment made in the US from its Texas-based 5G Smart Factory.

In addition, EFTG will have a dedicated team equipped with the company’s technology portfolio and investment, providing capabilities to develop services for the USG’s communications challenges, such as connectivity and interoperability between multi-domain operations.

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Ling boasts experience in growing federal and commercial businesses in advanced technology and cyber security. He previously worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he held numerous positions over an almost three-decade career with the firm, most recently as the executive vice-president and group lead of the national security business in the US.

“Ericsson has been connecting the US for more than 120 years, and I could not be more thrilled to join a company so steeped in resilience, connectivity and security,” said Ling. “As the DoD looks to connect under one secure, unified communication system, I believe 5G is the solution to keep America secure and competitive.”

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