Telefónica, Matsuko launch holographic meeting experience

Telco and spatial computing firm to unveil holographic conferencing service to help users gain more effective communication and emotional connection in meetings

Telco Telefónica and spatial computing provider Matsuko have announced the launch of a spatial computing experience of holographic meetings.

Matsuko claims to offer the world’s first spatial computing holographic app that transforms the way people communicate and collaborate remotely. Using a single-camera patented technology, the Matsuko platform streams realistic 3D holograms in real time, creating a sense of presence and connection that the company says is “unmatched” by any other service.

The partners believe spatial computing is “taking over” in 2024, and that they have achieved a major breakthrough by enabling everyone to enjoy real presence during 3D meetings.

To be unveiled at the forthcoming MWC 2024, the holographic meeting experience is based on Telefónica’s 5G and Edge networks, the Nvidia Maxine Artificial Intelligence platform and the Matsuko platform to enable creators to connect and collaborate as holograms in real time.

With a smartphone camera, people can enter holographic meetings as themselves in 3D and share creations, enjoying a new and immersive way of communication. It’s intended to allow users to generate their own holograms using only their smartphone cameras, as well as stream high-resolution 3D objects and scenes using 5G and Edge technology. With a patent on single-camera holographic communication, Matsuko is also unveiling its product for Apple Vision Pro users.

The technology will also make use of the Nvidia Maxine AI developer platform, to aim to create realistic eye contact and facial expressions, enhancing the sense of presence and immersion.

Telefónica and Matsuko assure that users will be able to interact with their colleagues and 3D projects holographically, as if they were in the same physical space, without any delays, misunderstandings or 2D limitations.

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Matsuko CEO Maria Vircikova said: “It fills me with joy to see users marvel at the feeling of presence, the eye contact, and the full spectrum of emotions they discover with holographic presence. I am also honoured to share that we achieved this in collaboration with Telefónica, the leader in telecommunication, and Nvidia, one of the world’s top technology companies.”

David Moro, head of service platforms and voice core network at Telefónica, said: “With our 5G and edge technology, we are enabling a new level of connectivity and performance for holographic meetings, which will transform the way creators communicate and collaborate.”

Chris Penrose, global head of business development for telco at Nvidia, added: “Holographic meetings represent the future of collaborative experiences. By leveraging the Nvidia Maxine developer platform, Matsuko’s new spatial computing experience helps users better maintain eye contact and see accurate facial expressions – both of which are essential for effective communication and emotional connection.”

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