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Cradlepoint embedded IoT connects AI-driven sustainable intelligent waste system

Collaboration shows how cellular-connected artificial intelligence can support environmental sustainability through secure, scalable IoT connectivity that merges cellular technology with AI for optimal waste diversion and profitability

In a partnership that is said to showcase the significant impact of 5G on environmentally responsible practices, SmartSort Technologies is to adopt cellular routers form cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions provider Cradlepoint to power artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled recycling bins to promote sustainable business practices.

Designed to support office buildings, sports stadiums and public venues with waste diversion programmes, the IoT connectivity solutions are said to offer the prospect of combining the agility of cellular with AI to turn recycling and composting needs from a cost centre into a profit centre. Moreover, the  intelligent sorting system will be used to reduce contamination and supports responsible waste disposal, promoting corporate sustainability.

SmartSort’s stated mission is to provide visibility into an organisation’s waste disposal and generation activities. The company’s material information exchange platform is said to be the first of its kind, based on patented methods and electronic devices for automated waste management, providing actionable insights for sustainable materials management in a circular economy.

In some instances, these systems gamify, enhance and monetise end-of-life treatment for post-consumer product waste diversion activities while connecting key stakeholders across the value chain. In other instances, the systems track waste generated in operations, providing traceability and authenticity reports throughout the entire lifecycle of the data, during all material disposal events, including waste generated in operations and end-of-life treatment.

SmartSort simplifies recycling, using SmartSort AI to identify waste material and show the disposer which waste stream it belongs in. Each recycle waste bin has connected sensors that read, measure and weigh each deposit. SmartSort solutions provide real-time monitoring of bins, while information is fed to a cloud-based application that tracks and creates waste diversion reports.

The key capabilities of SmartSort waste bins include an intelligent sorting system for reduced contamination and the ability to collect real-time data to support waste generation activities and custodial routing. SmartSort’s chain of custody assurance also allows  organisations to engage in Scope 2 and Scope 3 sustainability pledges.

There is a definite need for such technologies, said Cradlepoint, citing OECD research showing that only 9% of plastic waste is recycled globally, causing irreversible damage to natural resources.

Using the Cradlepoint S700 multipurpose IoT router, which is designed to provide zero-trust security services, SmartSort customer data and public IP addresses are said to be shielded from outside threats as they recycle more efficiently. Any IoT device connected to a router is immediately dark to public scans and other internal sites. Access policies are defined by offloading the security processes to a services gateway which manages router updates and orchestrates processes.

“SmartSort is not just a recycling bin – it’s a platform for intelligent waste management. We are a data-driven solution where 100% connectivity uptime is imperative,” said SmartSort CEO Cris Luce.

“We have trialled several cellular connectivity solutions over the years with very mixed results and poor remote manageability. Cradlepoint, powered by NetCloud Manager, is the first solution that gives us the connections and insights to the networks supporting our AI solution.”  

SmartSort also is part of Cradlepoint’s new embedded partner programme, which is designed to give organisations access to certified, secure and scalable solutions and 5G and LTE integration capabilities. 

“By embracing a dedication to security, we will help our partners fortify the future of their IoT applications,” added Jonathan Fischer, vice-president of Cradlepoint’s embedded partner programme. “This embedded partner programme reflects our shared vision, mutual benefit and commitment to providing the best and most reliable user experience in 4G and LTE.”

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