DE-CIX Dallas achieves peak traffic milestone of 1Tbps

Leading global internet exchange operator achieves new peak traffic record of more through surge due to live-streaming of sports events and the area’s population density and low latency links

The Dallas hub of internet exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX has reported a new peak traffic record of more than a terabit of information per second on its multi-service interconnection platform reflecting the region’s digital transformation.

Overall peak traffic at DE-CIX Dallas has risen by 61% since the beginning of 2023, and by as much as 194% since early 2022. The new peak of 1.01 Tbps was reached at 20:10 Central Standard Time (CST), coinciding with NFL playoffs, even a week after the elimination of local team the Dallas Cowboys.

DE-CIX said the “significant” milestone was the equivalent to the simultaneous streaming of more than 330,000 HD videos per second, and underscored the region’s rapid digital growth and its increasing reliance on robust internet infrastructure. Specifically, the hub said that the peak was “the surest sign yet of the rapid economic growth of the state of Texas and the potential of its digital economy”.

DE-CIX Dallas is now the fifth DE-CIX exchange globally to cross 1 Tbps of peak traffic, following in the footsteps of DE-CIX Frankfurt, DE-CIX New York, DE-CIX Madrid, and DE-CIX Mumbai.

Offering reasons for the surge in traffic, DE-CIX said that it can be explained by two different growth trends. First, consumer trends such as recent increases in the live-streaming of sports events are having an impact on the volume of data traffic in the region on particular days, leading to higher peak traffic. It cited MNTN research showing almost half of viewers in the US watch sport events online rather than on traditional broadcast networks. Online live streaming of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football has increased by 15% this season over the past year.

Driving the second trend was the relocation of businesses to the Dallas area, increased traffic from Latin America, particularly Mexico, and a general move to cloud-based operations for Dallas businesses since the pandemic, which is also driving growth in data traffic in the long term. The area’s population density and low latency links to other Texas cities such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are also contributing to increased data traffic.

“Neutrality and an open access model have been the bedrock of our success, not just in Dallas, but across our global footprint. Our unwavering commitment to these principles ensures that we provide an equitable platform for all players in the digital ecosystem,” said Ed d’Agostino, vice-president of DE-CIX North America.

“By forging strategic partnerships with datacentres and transport network operators, we’re not only expanding the reach of our platform, but ensuring that regional networks can connect seamlessly. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in driving the rapid growth and resilience of our IX in the region, reflecting the dynamic and interconnected world we live in today.”

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