Yayzi to offer 2.5Gbps symmetrical speeds on CityFibre nationwide net

After soft-launching multi-gig services in December 2023, Blackpool-based ISP illuminates nationwide full-fibre services across CityFibre’s network underpinned by XGS-PON capability supporting symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps

Having made its 2.5Gbps wholesale product available to ISP customers last summer, Blackpool-based consumer internet service provider (ISP) Yayzi has become the first ISP on the CityFibre full-fibre broadband platform to offer a 2.5Gbps symmetrical service to consumers across the UK.

Yayzi will take advantage of CityFibre’s strategy announced in July 2022 to upgrade its network to XGS-PON and G-PON, enabling residential and business services symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps. CityFibre is building an open access network that aims to connect up to eight million UK premises in 285 cities, towns and villages, reaching a third of the country.

CityFibre said the roll-out of XGS-PON will support more customers on each optical line termination (OLT) port, enabling, said the provider, “substantial” network cost savings, reducing power use across its networks and improving the efficiency of its future network expansion. It has already deployed the XGS-PON equipment into over 90% of its fibre exchanges, with coverage growing across its “ready-for-service” footprint, currently standing at over three million homes.

As part of its multi-gig roll-out, Yayzi 900 Plus products will now be based on a 1.2Gb line profile as standard, as a major upgrade to its services. This is designed to allow true 1Gb speeds on compatible routers and the ability to take advantage of the Yayzi Duo service, allowing upgrade or downgrade between Pro packages.

Yayzi CEO Martin Gardner said: “This has been a team effort for all key parties involved right down to the engineers on site, to make multi-gig a reality and choice for consumers, as the UK full-fibre market evolves once again. We are very excited about this innovative move, and seeing very high uptake of pre orders and interest for these products. The team at Yayzi have now set the standard in the UK ISP market with our partners at CityFibre and made stupidly fast broadband affordable for the consumer.”

CityFibre chief marketing officer Dan Ramsay said: “We’re delighted Yayzi is set to bring their 2.5Gbps product to market over the CityFibre network. While many still believe that these speeds are too fast for consumers, data from around the world shows that multi-gig services are gaining traction fast.

“Three million UK homes will now have access to multi-gig speeds from CityFibre, and we’re confident that we’ll see interest and take-up grow rapidly in the years to come,” he said.

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Yayzi XGS-PON 2.3Gb Pro+ and 1.2Gb Pro (True 1Gb) symmetrical products, and G-PON 2Gb Pro+ and 1.2Gb Pro asymmetrical products, offer 1Gb uploads. All Pro products come with a TP-LINK 2.5Gb capable router with 2.5Gb WAN and 2.5Gb LAN ports, with additional 3x1Gb ports, VOIP options and 4/5G options.

“As we now progress beyond the Gigabit, our partnership with Yayzi and CityFibre is enabling the multi-gig environment – we have moved from the foothills and we are now on the first ascent,” said Kalam Meah, ISP director of TP-Link UK.

“Leveraging our Aginet EX820v with its 2.5Gb WAN and 2.5Gb LAN, 4x4 MU-MIMO and superfast Wi-Fi 6 speed, we will deliver an enhanced, lag-free user experience for gaming, streaming and virtual working, improving overall productivity for customers.”

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