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Hyundai Mobis taps Wind River Studio to accelerate software-defined vehicle development

Global vehicle technology innovator and supplier selects mission-critical intelligent systems provider to accelerate its software-defined vehicle development, looking to create an infrastructure for next-generation mobility

In the latest move by leading automotive and communications companies to gear up and realise the vision of the software-defined vehicle, Hyundai Mobis, one of the world’s largest vehicle technology suppliers, has entered into a collaboration with mission-critical intelligent systems firm Wind River Studio to accelerate its software-defined vehicle development.

Wind River Studio provides a cloud-native platform for the development, deployment, operations and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems. It delivers a full lifecycle management platform for intelligent systems at cloud scale. The Studio platform is designed to enable development workflows that reduce development costs and accelerate capabilities for building, testing and deploying on the edge.

Hyundai Mobis and Wind River have been working on a programme of software development infrastructure for next-generation mobility. In particular, the companies have been working closely to advance the development and delivery of automotive systems with Hyundai Mobis using Wind River edge products, including Wind River Linux, VxWorks real-time operating system, and system simulation for development and rapid prototyping with both simulated and real hardware-based environments, as well as new custom test infrastructures.

Building on what the partnership has delivered to date, the collaboration will see Hyundai Mobis planning to realise the vision of the software-defined vehicle by using the Hyundai Mobis pipeline built with Wind River Studio in continuous integration and testing initiatives.

Specifically, Hyundai Mobis will strengthen the DevSecOps process with Mobis Dev Studio, a collaboration platform that provides a space-free cooperative development environment. This will enable Mobis to expand its own platform, which is being built to optimise software development and testing environments. Hyundai Mobis will employ key Wind River Studio components such as Virtual Lab, test automation, pipelines and Web IDE – all in a cloud-native infrastructure – to deliver a modernised development environment for an end-to-end lifecycle, including software development, deployment and operation of central controller gateway and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

“Software is at the centre of enabling the reality of a more connected and autonomous future,” said Avijit Sinha, president of Wind River. “Wind River Studio can help automotive leaders such as Hyundai Mobis achieve a modernised development framework across cloud and edge combined with advanced software lifecycle management capability to enable them to accelerate their innovation and carve a path to future success.”

Jung Soo-Kyung, executive vice-president of Hyundai Mobis, added: “We expect that this collaboration will lead to a global collaboration system that will improve scalability and efficiency for development in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.”

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The collaboration is the latest in a series of moves into the digital sphere by the car manufacturer. In September 2023, and following the success of subscription services for its vehicles in Spain and the UK, Hyundai Motor Europe announced a partnership with car subscription technology provider Casi to introduce its Mocean range across Europe.

Through its platform technology, Casi said it would provide Hyundai Motor Europe with all the tools needed to bring the Mocean subscription service to the next level.

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