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Top 10 India IT stories of 2023

We recap the year’s top 10 stories in India, including the country’s datacentre boom and innovations in space and agriculture technologies

From sending its first spacecraft to the moon to driving advances in agriculture technology, India has been a hotbed of innovation in the past year.

In August 2023, the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft successfully landed on the Moon’s south pole, a historic achievement that was followed by the launch of the Aditya-L1 rocket about a month later to study the outer layers of the Sun’s atmosphere.

On Earth, companies like Cropin, ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank have cut their teeth in being on the cutting edge of technology as they push the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive growth and create new markets.

In this round-up, we recap the top 10 stories in India, including the country’s datacentre boom spurred by growing digitisation, efforts by the government to drive the use of open data, and how the Digital Personal Data Protection Act will shape the way businesses collect and use personal data.

1. Inside India’s datacentre boom

India’s datacentre market is expected to surpass $10bn by 2028, but realising its full potential will require innovations in sustainability and improvements in connectivity.

2. As India takes off to space, the stardust will fall on IT

India’s progress in space technology will yield benefits not only for its burgeoning space industry, but also propel internet of things (IoT) and telephony applications.

3. India gets ready for new data protection regime

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act will shape the way businesses collect, secure and use personal data as India looks to protect data privacy while driving innovation and economic growth.

4. India’s booming IT market driving up wages

Majority of India’s IT professionals expect their pay to increase in the next 12 months, underscoring the country’s tight IT labour market fuelled by a booming tech sector, study finds.

5. How India’s Cropin is tapping the groundswell in agritech

Cropin, one of the first movers in agriculture technology, has built an industry cloud platform that is now used by the likes of PepsiCo to maximise crop yields.

6. APAC career guide on AI

The multidisciplinary nature of artificial intelligence offers career opportunities not only in builder roles like engineering and data science, but also in AI ethics and applied AI.

7. India launches homegrown BharOS

The homegrown Android-based mobile operating system could reduce India’s reliance on foreign software, but uncertainties around market adoption and software updates remain.

8. How India is driving the use of open government data

India’s Open Government Data platform has paved the way for new applications and services, but concerns around data quality and privacy remain.

9. How Indian banks can drive automation in corporate banking

Banks should prioritise their processes for automation based on the level of human intervention, understand their processes thoroughly and put employees at the centre of their automation efforts.

10. How an ML engineer cut his teeth in AI

Machine learning engineer Saurabh Agarwal talks up his career journey in artificial intelligence and what it takes for one to succeed in the field.

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