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Singtel’s DC Tuas datacentre to cater to AI workloads

Offering 58MW of capacity, DC Tuas will be the first of Singtel’s new generation of artificial intelligence datacentres to incorporate more efficient cooling technologies

Singtel’s upcoming DC Tuas datacentre in western Singapore will cater to higher power density demands of artificial intelligence (AI) workloads that run on graphics processing unit (GPU) clusters.

When ready, DC Tuas, which will offer 58MW of capacity, will be the first in a new generation of AI datacentres to incorporate more efficient cooling solutions, such as direct-to-chip liquid and immersive cooling, enabling it to achieve a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of around 1.23 at full load.

The datacentres will also incorporate advanced real-time server monitoring platforms to ensure smooth management of expensive GPU clusters while running multiple connected networks.

To support enterprise AI workloads at the edge, Singtel’s AI datacentres will be connected to fixed and 5G mobile networks, enabling robots and autonomous systems that require high bandwidth and low latencies to connect to AI clusters within the datacentres.

DC Tuas is also an integrated submarine cable landing station that provides global connectivity with carrier neutrality, making it a suitable platform for global enterprises and cloud companies to host their AI workloads in Singapore, a key business hub in Asia.

In addition, Singtel is offering a host of core services including cloud colocation services, managed hosting services, as well as its GPU-as-a-service (GPUaaS) offering, which it has developed and deployed since 2021 at the 5G@Sentosa testbed with Singapore public sector agencies.

Through GPUaaS, enterprises can speed up their development of generative AI, large language models and other AI workloads without having to incur the huge capital expenditures in acquiring AI datacentre space and expensive GPUs, said Singtel.

Singtel has been expanding its datacentre footprint across the region, with datacentres also being developed in Thailand and Indonesia that will increase its pipeline capacity beyond 200MW from its current operational capacity of 62MW in Singapore. Global investment firm KKR is also investing up to S$1.1bn for a 20% stake in Singtel’s datacentre unit to support the expansion efforts.

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