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Connexin makes key step in fulfilling full-fibre build plan for 2023

IoT and digital Infrastructure specialist reveals onboarding of Tier 1 contractors to accelerate increasing full-fibre network expansion

Looking to fuel its mission of achieving what is seen as a key milestone of passing half a million broadband-connected homes in its catchment of the Hull region in the north of England, Connexin has announced the onboarding of two new Tier 1 contractors to accelerate its rapidly increasing full-fibre network expansion.

The two new organisations, selected by the Hull-based internet of things (IoT) and digital infrastructure specialist, boast their Tier 1 contractor status was achieved from decades of experience delivering large-scale infrastructure projects sector-wide.

Going forward, MAP Group, a leading independent provider of professional technology services, and SCD Group, a multi-discipline infrastructure contractor, will now work closely with Connexin to fully complete the fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) expansion across all of Hull and key areas of East Riding of Yorkshire by December 2023, aiming to cover virtually every single home and business.

As a result of the rapid network expansion, Connexin said it has experienced a substantial increase in market share in Hull, establishing itself as one of the leading altnet providers in the region and recently being recognised as one of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies in the Northern Tech Awards. Connexin said the expansion has not only bolstered its position but also empowered customers by offering a wider range of choices in the broadband market.

“Our full-fibre build has progressed spectacularly since we announced our plans to roll out in Hull; we’ve seen thousands of customers get connected and finally given our community true broadband choice,” said Connexin CEO and co-founder Furqan Alamgir.

“We cannot wait to see the rest of Hull and East Yorkshire reap the benefits of broadband that delivers more than just a connection, and instead offers a full online experience,” he said. “With the recent launch of our SmartHome app, our customers can control their Wi-Fi network using their mobile phone, something residents of Hull haven’t previously been able to do.

“We’re excited to work with SCD Group and MAP Group given their experience as Tier 1 contractors to deliver our best-in-class fibre network build,” said Alamgir. “Our goal has always been to invest in our city, improve services for residents and create jobs locally – collaborating with these contractors is a key part of achieving these goals. Completing our Hull and East Yorkshire build will be a key milestone in Connexin’s journey to become one of the biggest altnets in the North, bringing new and better broadband infrastructure within reach of over 500,000 homes and businesses in the region.”

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MAP Group director Matty Carlin added: “Map Group (UK) Limited is delighted to be partnering with Connexin to deliver this new fibre network build project. This is a fantastic opportunity for us as a company to further enhance our client base throughout the UK. We are really looking forward to developing our partnership with Connexin further in the coming years.”

In July 2022, Connexin acquired local fixed wireless access internet service provider Wisper Broadband, aiming to strengthen its position as a leading provider of fibre-based broadband services in the north of England, specialising in building and operating smart city infrastructure to support the IoT.

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