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GTPL Broadband modernises network with Alepo AAA transformation

Leading Indian operator enhances infrastructure with authentication, authorisation and accounting solution to expand data offerings through plans based on speed, validity and fair usage policy

Looking to not only maintain its market position in India’s high-speed internet market, but also to introduce modern and advanced high-speed internet plans to keep pace with evolving customer needs, GTPL Hathway subsidiary GTPL Broadband has partnered with global digital enablement expert Alepo to modernise its Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) security management framework for network access control and policy infrastructure.

GTPL Broadband is the sixth-largest private wired broadband provider in India, with a mission to provide high-speed fibre broadband at affordable rates. It currently has an active customer base of over 750,000 and says it is constantly striving to enhance and simplify the lives of its customers through quality products and services that grant them the freedom to connect, converse, work and be entertained anytime, anywhere.

The operator pinpoints the dynamics of the post-pandemic world as the key driver of its move, noting that it has led to a surge in demand for high-quality residential broadband in urban areas, and has accelerated the growth of the market in rural and historically underserved regions in India.

With a swiftly multiplying high-speed broadband subscriber base and increasing data demands, the network transformation is designed to enable GTPL to replace its legacy system with Alepo’s AAA solution. The project is intended to benefit GTPL’s customers across India, including in the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana, as well as all the areas GTPL plans to expand.

As part of the transformation, Alepo is deploying its Broadband AAA solution, which includes its NFV-compliant AAA server, EMS and consolidated Radius Server for authentication and accounting of the operator’s broadband services. It is built to enable enhanced automation, improve network performance and reliability, and provides a supplier-agnostic system to accommodate the operator’s existing infrastructure and services.

Alepo will also provide ongoing 24x7x365 technical support through its global technical assistance centre (GTAC), ensuring that GTPL can introduce new plans, promotions and offers, and gain relevant business intelligence (BI) insights to make data-driven business decisions and provide more contextual plans to customers.

Following deployment, Alepo says GTPL will be able to introduce a range of offerings, including speed-, volume- and validity-based unlimited data plans, limited usage plans with speed and validity caps, and daily and monthly fair usage policy plans. The speed at which these new plans will be created could offer GTPL the agility to respond better to market demand. Alepo’s AAA Server will also be deployed to allow the operator to configure, launch and manage new plans as the market evolves.

“As we work towards bridging the digital divide in several parts of India, our partnership with Alepo enables us to accelerate broadband growth while driving return on investment,” noted Anirudhsinh Jadeja, managing director of GTPL Hathway. “Alepo’s Broadband AAA solution and its ongoing technical support empowers us with a platform that can support our network as it grows. We are especially pleased with Alepo’s collaborative approach that will enable us to implement functionalities in the future using our existing software to keep up with changing market dynamics.”

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