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Crime Stoppers Tasmania debuts new reporting portal

Reporting tool will enable the public to share crime-related information with law enforcement agencies to support policing in Tasmania

Australian non-profit community organisation Crime Stoppers Tasmania has launched a new online reporting tool for the public to share relevant crime-related information with Tasmanian police and other agencies.

Developed by Motorola Solutions, the tool enables people to easily attach media files, including pictures and video captured on their smartphones – a feature that provides valuable insights and improved quality of reporting for public safety agencies.

Agencies and first responders can use the insights to make informed decisions when investigating crimes, enabling them to be proactive in their response, which in turn improves the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement.

The deployment also includes cyber security support and vulnerability testing to help keep public data safe.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania chair David Daniels said the portal enables his organisation and the wider community to provide greater value and support for public safety agencies including Tasmania Police.

“Crime Stoppers’ core purpose is to support policing by providing valuable information that assists investigations and makes it easier for frontline police officers to do their essential daily work,” said Daniels.  

David Higgins, CEO of Crime Stoppers Tasmania, said the new system will remove obstacles that sometimes prevent reporting, such as fear, apprehension or embarrassment.

“When providing information about events they see in their communities, the Tasmanian public now have a highly effective, comfortable and secure way to share what they see,” he said.

“As always, the public can report information without the need to leave their details. However, it is important to know that by providing your details when reporting via Crime Stoppers, it gives police the opportunity to clarify points with you to assist in furthering their investigation.”

Con Balaskas, Motorola Solutions’ managing director for Australia and New Zealand, said providing Crime Stoppers Tasmania and the state’s emergency services with better technology is essential to “making the state safer and more prosperous for the future”.

He added: “Crime Stoppers Tasmania is empowering the public to share more information about crimes and threats, while our new online portal is making it easier for citizens to play a greater role in protecting their communities.

“The public can play a critical role in protecting communities and making Tasmania a safer and more resilient state overall.”

Crime Stoppers Tasmania receives more than 6,500 reports a year, or about 18 a day. In recent times, it has seen over 80% of reports being submitted online and with the new portal, it expects to receive more reports from the public.

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