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Gitex 2022: Florius takes AI-powered CCaaS speech analytics to transform customer experience

Changed workloads during the pandemic have driven Netherlands-based mortgage lender to use AI and CCaaS technology

Mortgage lender Florius has invested in contact centre as-a-service technology to enhance customers’ experience while simultaneously enabling its agents to adapt to hybrid working.

“The customer journey is very important to us,” said Seif Alhamrany, head of the advisory team at Florius. “We are committed to a fast turnaround for mortgage applications, so we need to put the customer in the centre, have fast access to as much information as possible and automate processes as much as possible.”

The company has invested in the automated quality management capabilities of the Avaya OneCloud service, integrated with Florius business applications, to empower remote employees with digital tools to raise the quality of all customer interactions through advanced, real-time speech analytics. The key driver was the change in workloads during the pandemic, which forced Florius to quickly adapt to a hybrid work scenario.

At the same time, direct insight into the changed contact behaviour of customers became essential during this time of uncertainty.

“We need to adapt very fast to provide our customers with the best service and also to provide our employees with the best solutions,” said Deliane Schimmel, managing director of advisory and service at Florius.

With its new technology, Florius was able to remotely introduce AI-powered speech analytics and quality management tools, which monitored all incoming customer calls and provided guidance on the next best answer. This gave agents direct insights into topics that would usually require training, while also enabling them to work according to more flexible schedules from home.

“A good example of this came when there was amended legislation concerning delayed mortgage payments,” said Alhamrany. “Employees did not have to be trained on this first, because they were provided with the correct knowledge in real-time – during conversations where payment and Covid were discussed. As a result, the agent was able to give the right answer quickly, because they immediately had the right information and could share it with the customer.”

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Avaya, along with partner NTT, which integrated the services, worked closely with Florius to integrate the Avaya offering with the company’s CRM system, a step that broadened the view of the customer journey and provided new insights for agents.

“Florius has always built its reputation on the experiences it provides to its customers, and this use of advanced technologies to draw intelligence from voice conversations is just the latest in a long line of innovations. We’re proud to be supporting Florius as it continues to push the boundaries of great customer experience,” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, president, Avaya International.

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