Eutelsat, Telenor set sail on maritime connectivity deal

Reflecting the buoyancy of the maritime connectivity market in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, French and Nordic providers showcase combination of in-orbit resources and managed connectivity services

Eutelsat Communications has become the latest satellite operator to see fortunes on the high seas after being selected by Telenor Maritime for in-orbit resources and managed services for cruise connectivity on several of its satellites.

Telenor Maritime is a global end-to-end connectivity provider at sea for passengers and crew, contributing to digitising the commercial shipping fleet. Its partnership with Eutelsat on several satellites will further boost the performance, coverage and resilience of its at-sea connectivity resources, providing reliable and secure connectivity to the cruise segment.

The agreement gives Telenor Maritime targeted resources and services in specific sailing areas, while further highlighting the maritime sector’s interest in the Eutelsat Advance managed connectivity service, and supporting the strong momentum in the Mediterranean and Caribbean connectivity markets, where the cruise industry is hugely popular.

Under the agreement, Eutelsat will deliver capacity on its Eutelsat 33E craft for coverage of the Mediterranean, and on its Eutelsat 65 West A satellite, together with its Eutelsat Advance for coverage of the Caribbean.

“We are proud to see our managed connectivity solution, Eutelsat Advance, successfully expand through Telenor Maritime,” said Eutelsat deputy CEO Michel Azibert. “This deal testifies to the strong momentum of the maritime connectivity business, particularly within the cruise segment, and further establishes Eutelsat as an indispensable player in maritime connectivity.”

Telenor Maritime CEO Lars Erik Lunoe said: “We are truly excited to be working with a leading geostationary satellite operator, Eutelsat, to address the ever-increasing connectivity needs of cruise operators. Eutelsat’s outstanding in-orbit resources, combined with its robust managed services, have enabled us to come up with an offering that can be tailored to our customers’ specific demands.”

The Eutelsat deal comes just as Telenor Maritime announced that it was working with the Storylines at-sea luxury residential community provider to offer global connectivity and remote work opportunities so that residents on board the residential ship MV Narrative will enjoy what are described as “unique, memorable and life-changing” experiences while travelling the world in their global residence.

Telenor Maritime has helped Storylines to design the on-board network and advised on best network architecture to ensure superior coverage and efficiency. MV Narrative’s complex network must cover myriad connectivity needs, both internet of things (IoT) and personal: OEMs, TV and entertainment, electronic door locks, the internal phone system and personal device connectivity, among many others.

Providing a good internet connection to residents and crew is Telenor Maritime’s number one priority. A number of remote working entrepreneurs run their businesses from the ship, including Storylines, with their headquarters on board. With what are said to be the largest business facilities at sea, the ship can offer shared workspaces, private offices, a reception area, conference rooms and impressive event venues. 

The expectations for quality and coverage of the network are very high and include the best available service with high speeds that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including the middle of the ocean.

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