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Gitex 2021: Nuuday finds new voice to deliver cognitive customer universe

Upstart Danish telco deploys communications-as-a-service technology and virtual assistant to restructure business, gain differentiation and extend to new touchpoints in highly competitive local market

Denmark’s largest provider of broadband, communication and entertainment services, Nuuday, has announced the launch of the Josefine virtual assistant. It believes this is a major step towards what it calls a cognitive customer universe, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ecosystem that can optimise customer service and experience based on customers’ ongoing interactions.

Operating nine brands, Nuuday claims to deliver “market-leading” connectivity products and digital services to the majority of Danish homes and businesses and that it “makes sense” with technology to create digital services that truly adds value to its customers’ everyday lives.

Its stated mission is to deliver what it calls innovative digital customer experiences within TV, broadband, network and telephony. It stresses that its customers, both consumer and business, are a centre of attention and that it will “turn technology into something good”. The telco also says it is taking the lead in developing services that make customers’ lives easier and that, when needed, it challenge the status quo.

AI-powered voicebot Josefine is designed to be able to deliver dynamic, immediate and personalised experiences for customers interacting through its Avaya OneCloud communications and collaboration platform. When composed with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and Google Cloud Contact Centre AI, Josefine is said to represent the jump to the cognitive customer universe, an AI-driven ecosystem that can optimise customer service and experience based on customers’ ongoing interactions with the telco, said Nuuday.

Josefine is attributed with already improving the Nuuday customer experience by “effortlessly” automating the resolution of simple customer queries and binary questions quickly, while freeing up resources for more demanding customer enquiries. In the future, Nuuday intends to make the voicebot available 24-7 across a range of customer touchpoints, and to use insights derived from its interactions to provide customer service agents with “in the moment” access to relevant knowledge on customers.

“In a highly competitive market, our investments in customer experience aim to solve the trade-off between achieving high customer satisfaction levels, increasing efficiencies in our operation and maintaining the motivation and engagement of our customer service agents,” said Nuuday vice-president Jesper Frederik Gottlieb. “As we rethink the customer and agent journeys and align them with innovation from Avaya and its ecosystem of partners, we are composing personalised experiences that solve this trade-off.”

As it moves towards its “cognitive customer universe”, Nuuday will continue to compose AI-powered solutions using the Avaya OneCloud platform, and is planning an attribute-based routing solution that “is expected to reduce the number of calls to human agents significantly in the coming years”, said Gottlieb.

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