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Gamgee and QuantWiFi announce managed Wi-Fi strategic partnership

Network technology providers Gamgee and QuantWiFi team up to develop solutions ensuring Wi-Fi for a growing number of consumers whose network experience has become more crucial than ever

With the home office now being the typical working environment, and looking likely to be so for the considerable future, network experience has become more crucial than ever.

Aiming to satisfy the needs of both service providers and users alike, smart home and Wi-Fi management solutions provider Gamgee has entered into a strategic partnership with Wi-Fi monitoring technologies firm QuantWifi.

The companies believe that by combining their services, they will bring an “unprecedented” value to the world of consumers and broadband operators – a world that relies increasingly on stable Wi-Fi connections and a plethora of smart home devices.

Gamgee said that the recent upsurge of working from home is just a continuation and amplification of a growing trend, and network strain has been added to by teleworkers and full families connected through several devices while working from home or studying.

“[Just] connecting your laptop or mobile phone to your router is no longer sufficient,” said Gamgee CEO Paul Hendriks. “Consumers demand an automatic, integrated and simple solution that will give them full control over connected users and devices, monitoring and maintaining the Wi-Fi quality while securing a safe network environment for everyone at home.”

QuantWiFi CEO Ali Sayinta added: “Broadband service providers are facing a challenging situation where a growing number of users continuously add more devices to an already overloaded in-home Wi-Fi network, which leads to increased traffic for customer support, often unnecessary truck-rolls, time-consuming customer visits and escalating support costs. Thanks to our solution, Wi-Fi performance bottlenecks are easily and precisely identified and resolved in real-time.”

Gamgee believes that the pressure on the networks is growing faster than the ability of the in-home Wi-Fi and broadband operators to adapt, so it is teaming with QuantWifi to create “agile and innovative” solutions that cover this market need.

Through their partnership, Gamgee and QuantWifi assure that they will deliver no less than “best-in-class” Wi-Fi monitoring technologies with a combined, “engaging” and consumer-focused smart home Wi-Fi management solution.

The result, they say, will be a service that will provide internet users at home with “reliable and hassle-free” management solution for their smart home while offering broadband service providers a real-time, transparent and quantifiable insight into the in-home Wi-Fi quality and performance.

In practice, QuantWifi monitors the network in real time and identifies bottlenecks and issues that Gamgee said can be resolved automatically and immediately, even if consumers often don’t even recognise there was any issue at all.

Gamgee technology then allows consumers to connect and disconnect devices on their network, give priority for bandwidth to support specific devices and real-time applications such as video conferencing. They can choose a work-from-home mode which steers the bandwidth exactly where they need it at the time.

The joint solution uses a QuantWifi remote network monitoring system that sits in the operator’s cloud and reports issues when needed. Through its app, Gamgee offers digital services for consumers, such as management of devices, virutal private network (VPN), online cyber security shield, and smart home management. It also provides consumer service.

In terms of likely customers, QuantWifi recently deployed its solution with Turk Telecom and currently Gamgee is working closely with several operators in Europe, North America and Africa to launch the joint product. It added that it has seen “steep growth” in interest in the product, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

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