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Amdocs launches HoMeOS and becomes Veego strategic partner and investor

Leading provider of communications and media software launches home broadband management and makes strategic investment in Israeli AI startup

Just as it was making a rather timely launch of home broadband technology designed to improve the user experience by moving beyond basic connectivity, Amdocs has announced a partnership with Veego Software, a startup that works to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to perfect the user experience in connected environments.

Israel-based Veego’s products are designed to address malfunctions in connected environments as they grow smarter and more complex. Since malfunctions can occur for myriad reasons anywhere across the service-delivery chain – from the service cloud through the internet, in the home router, across the Wi-Fi network and within devices and their inter-communications – internet service providers (ISPs) require a very broad and deep level of visibility. But today, argues Veego, they are blind.

Employing AI and other advanced technologies, the Veego software autonomously discovers smart devices and the services they consume, something that the company says endows ISPs with the visibility that enables optimisation of the user experience.

By continuously monitoring the behaviour of connected devices and services as they are used, Veego automatically detects malfunctions as they occur. Employing what it calls its unique, cloud-based malfunction signature library technology, Veego said its software is able to analyse and resolve autonomously a multitude of problems even before users experience them.

The net result for operators and service providers is that support calls are deflected and shortened, truck rolls are reduced and unnecessary router replacements eliminated. The company said ISPs would also be able to realise millions of dollars in support cost savings while optimising and personalising the experience of their customers.

In addition, by learning about the unique behaviour of each connected environment, Veego can alert ISPs to attractive upsell opportunities with connected devices, support services and bandwidth packages tuned to users’ specific needs.

As a result of the partnership, Amdocs will adopt the Veego technology to offer combined solutions for customer care and customer experience to major internet service providers globally.

“Veego gives eyes to ISPs, enabling them to see what is going on in the connected home, improving their support of millions of subscribers and reducing operational expenditure on customer care”
Gil Rosen, Amdocs

“The value that Veego brings to ISPs is game-changing,” said Gil Rosen, president and general manager at Amdocs. “Veego gives eyes to ISPs, enabling them to see what is going on in the connected home, drastically improving their support of millions of subscribers and reducing operational expenditure on customer care.”

Veego’s technology is also embedded in the Amdocs doxi HomeOS ecosystem, which it launched just as the home becomes the office for millions of corporate workers forced to work away form their traditional bases to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Doxi HomeOS is designed to help communication service providers (CSPs) meet consumers’ expectations for personalised experiences by providing smart, AI-based insights, voice commands and touch-free care capabilities so that users’ precise and immediate support needs can be resolved simply and efficiently.

Doxi HomeOS also claims enhanced cyber security monitoring capabilities and provision of greater visibility and control over the growing number and use of connected devices and apps in the home.

With the addition of intelligence and control, Amdocs said CSPs would be able to provide an enhanced customer experience and significantly increased operational efficiencies in areas such as self-managed connectivity and Wi-Fi settings; grow services beyond connectivity, such as from automated, AI-based notifications related to usage patterns and service consumption; smart security alerts and control.

“The home broadband experience has become increasingly complex, fragmented and stymied by cyber security unknowns. The average household simply isn’t up to the integration challenge, and to date service providers have been limited in their ability to help consumers address the many experience pain points within the connected home,” said Emma Mohr-McClune, service director for consumer services, platforms and devices at analyst GlobalData, commenting on the launch.

“A solution like Amdocs doxi HomeOS could allow service providers the opportunity to carve out a new position for themselves in the smart home value chain, with a simple but smarter router solution that can act as both the experience guarantor and data caretaker for the home.”

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