Orange Neva jet takes off as Europe’s first operator-branded 5G smartphone

Back to the future for telco Orange as it introduces Neva jet, Europe’s first operator-branded 5G smartphone, with the aim of preparing its customers for the arrival of the next-generation networks

It may have been a late arrival to the Europe’s 5G arena, but Orange could not be accused of lacking creativity in attempting to catch up and stand out in the nascent business as it has taken the surprise step of launching its own branded device for the next-generation network.

Orange launched its first 5G network in Romania on 5 November and will be rolling out the next-generation infrastructure around its key markets in Europe over the next 12 months.

Device availability could be a key gating factor to the pace of development of the 5G industry, especially in Europe, and in a move more redolent of the pre-iPhone days when Orange first launched its own branded devices, and with the aim of preparing its customers for the arrival of 5G, the telco has announced the Neva jet range of devices – the industry’s first operator-branded 5G smartphone in Europe.

Tested on 5G networks for early adopters, the Orange smartphone has been an integral part of recent 5G trials, allowing consumers to experience the future of what could be delivered in 2020. The operator said the arrival of the Neva jet at a more accessible price than leading popular brand-name rivals would give many more people access to the greatly enhanced 5G mobile experience.

Neva smartphones will be bundled with specially tailored functionality meeting a variety of customer uses. Based on Android Pie OS software, the phone has a 6.47in borderless screen with full HD+ definition. It contains device-integrated artificial intelligence to manage files with facial recognition and in-display fingerprint.

With a theoretical maximum throughput of 2Gbps, the phone is said to boast the required data capacity for services such as virtual reality and real-time video streaming. 

Neva jet also comes with the Orange Experience, allowing customers to tailor the content to their needs, driven by Livescreen technology which aggregates various streaming, news and entertainment partners. The Orange Experience, adapted to each Neva smartphone, also enables access to Orange apps such as Orange Bank, the first 100% mobile bank. It also gives access to dedicated offers for each Neva device. These may include full security protection with Lookout on Neva Jet.

The Orange Phone app, pre-loaded in all Neva smartphones, allows customers to enhance their calling experience with smart features such as anti-spam, call blocking or reverse directory. 

The phone will initially be available on existing 3G, 4G, and 4G+ networks in select markets in 2019, starting with Poland where customers will be able to purchase the Neva jet for use on existing networks by the end of the year, when it will also be available on Orange Romania’s 5G network. It will then be made available on the operator’s commercial 5G networks across Europe – namely France, Spain, Slovakia and Moldova – as they go live in 2020.

Further own-branded 5G smartphones in the Neva jet range will be added in 2020.

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