NHSX aims for mental health services transformation

Digital unit of the NHS has started a discovery process focused on children and young people

The digital unit for the national health service, NHSX, has started a discovery process aimed at transforming the provision of mental health services for children and young people.

The programme will last six weeks and will include reviews of previous research, workshops, home and site visits as well as rear interviews. It aims to tackle issues such as long waiting times young patients often have to deal with to access treatment.

According to NHSX, the idea is to explore “the opportunities to support children and young people in preparation for their first appointment or upcoming treatment”.

The unit will investigate the needs and experiences of patients, as well as service provision from the standpoint of parents, such as challenges, touchpoint and information needs.

On the other end, the discovery exercise will also cover perspectives and challenges of staff and health professionals when delivering mental health services.

Earlier this week, NHSX has also announced it is running a similar process to revamp the delivery of screening services, starting with cervical screening.

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