Mayor of London kick-starts drive to make city top for AI

London mayor Sadiq Khan commissions a study to look at improving the capital’s readiness for artificial intelligence

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has put his name behind a study that seeks to raise the profile of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the city.

Khan has commissioned specialist AI research house CognitionX to look at ways to maximise the positive impact of AI on London’s economy.

CognitionX will report on the companies providing AI in the capital and analyse the opportunities for AI adoption by London’s key industries.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform almost every industry across the capital,” said Khan. “London is in a strong position in the data economy and is already home to innovative, fast-growing companies like Deepmind, CityMapper and Satalia – not to mention the kind of work being done to improve public services, such as the data-driven approach to understanding rent arrears emerging through Hackney Council’s partnership with Pivigo.”

According to Pivigo, the Hackney Council social housing project has been designed to identify and understand tenants who fall into arrears. Hackney Council previously had no way of identifying which arrears cases were likely to be long term, so all cases were treated equally. The council now has a model to drive a data-driven approach to understanding rent arrears and associated risks, which means it can prioritise those who need more support in effectively managing their rental payments, said Pivigo.

As part of the study, CognitionX will evaluate opportunities for stimulating adoption and deployment, attracting and retaining AI entrepreneurs and businesses to London, as well as removing barriers and supporting growth.

Charlie Muirhead, founder and CEO of CognitionX, said: “All successful organisations will need to take advantage of artificial intelligence, but it is a complex, fragmented and ever-changing domain, and we want to help ensure a responsible transition to an AI-driven society.”

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Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of CognitionX, said: “For companies leveraging AI, now is the time to shine. We’re calling on firms of all sizes to tell us about the AI solutions they have been developing or using.”

CognitionX has also been asked to develop an action plan for the mayor to promote the growth of AI in London.

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