Tower Hamlets truants code with, Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi, Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi team up to teach Tower Hamlet students with truancy or behavioural issues, Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi Foundation have embarked on a year’s programme to teach students in Tower Hamlets, with truancy and behavioural issues, to code.

Taking place at Barnardo’s Hub in Stepney Green the programme is aimed at 14-16 year olds, who will learn to code with Raspberry Pi experts.  

The students will complete a Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Creative Computing with one-to-one mentoring and practical assignments.

The first assignment will expand on the beehive project in Victoria Park, by building a webcam monitoring system.

Lance Howarth, CEO of Raspberry Pi Foundation, said the Raspberry Pi Foundation is on a mission to excite young people about the possibilities of technology: “Whilst some young people have access to computers, tablets and smartphones, the majority use these devices simply for consumption of content from the internet. We feel this is a travesty. 

"We want young people to be able to understand how technology works, how it can be used to innovate and solve problems in creative ways.

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“As such, we’re delighted to launch a partnership with web hosts, to help young people in one of the UK’s most deprived areas get some hands on experience with computers and programming. We hope, by the end of the academic year, a career in technology doesn’t seem so unattainable for some of the young people at The Hub.” will co-fund updates to the Barnardo’s Hub ICT suite with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in addition to offering entrepreneurialism mentoring and tours of its datacentre facilities.

The firm will offer work experience placements to those who complete the course and hopes to offer an eight-week Summer Club programme in 2015.

John Morris, chief operating officer at, said: “As a company based in the heart of Tower Hamlets, we believe in our social corporate responsibility to work with the local community to build a better future for those who need a helping hand. This partnership is the perfect opportunity to invest in the next generation, ensuring they have access to a brighter future.

“We hope the experience in coding and programming gained through the scheme will be invaluable for participants and will offer valuable transferable skills.”

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