BT launches One Voice app to cut roaming costs

The mobile app allows business travellers to cut costs on international calling by routing calls through their corporate VPN

BT has revealed it is making its One Voice app globally available, encouraging users to make calls on their smartphones via their corporate virtual private network (VPN).

Initially launched in the Asia-Pacific region, the app runs on BlackBerry, Apple or Android phones and tablets. It enables calls to be routed via the office before hitting the handset, meaning any charges for international dialling are slashed, or at least put onto the corporate bill.

This saves on high roaming charges claimed back by employees and allows business travellers to work as normal without the fear of a big mobile bill at the end of the month.

“The One Voice anywhere enterprise app suits corporate users as they increasingly use their smartphones for business voice calls,” said Kevin Taylor, president of BT’s test bed for the app – the Asia-Pacific region

“We understand that roaming mobile costs continues to be a huge cost challenge. Our customers will be delighted with this innovative new service as it will help optimise costs since businesses are charged as employees roam, retrieve voicemails and accept incoming calls, especially for international travellers.”

Other features of the app include speech-to-text capabilities for voicemails, which removes the need to dial in to voicemail, and the ability to only take calls when connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, which reduces roaming costs.  

The operational side of the service runs in a cloud environment over BT’s own One Voice Global VPN network, but the company claims it remains open and compatible with both modern IP systems and older legacy deployments.

Customers can purchase it as part of a One Voice VPN package from BT, which will provide a managed unified communications solution for a business alongside this business travel app, or individually for a larger upfront cost.

The app is available now.  

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