Interxion hits colocation sweet spot and sees market shares soar

Colocation provider Interxion recently made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange and saw its shares soar 18%; plus more news in brief.

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Interxion hits colocation sweet spot and sees market shares soar
Last Friday, colocation provider Interxion made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange and saw its shares soar 18%. The company pitched its offer in the $11-$12 price range. The Dutch company specialises in working with brokers that place their servers next to the Exchanges’ servers, so milliseconds can be shaved off the time it takes for trades to go through.

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GoGrid has European data centre up its sleeve
Cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid is set to open a new data centre facility based in Europe this summer. GoGrid said the move is part of the company’s plan to further expand outside of the US. Once open, the facility will offer its customers a management portal where cloud solutions can be built and managed within the provider’s data centres.

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BT unveils Virtual Data Centre (VDC) Private
BT has launched the cloud service Virtual Data Centre (VDC) Private. The service can be provided in the customer’s data centre or hosted in one of BT’s network-based data centres. The service is aimed at customers that want a dedicated and private architecture without taking up more of their own space. Customers can choose a pre-defined architecture and add to its capacity as the business grows.

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Intel moves towards simplifying data centre cabling
Intel Corp. has introduced a free technology designed to allow all data centre traffic to run over a single cable. The Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Sever Adapter X520 family is unpinned by the idea of unified networking, which enables IT departments to create superhighways in virtualised data centres. According to Intel, the consolidation of cabling within a data centre can reduce global IT spending by $3 billion per year.

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Lloyds TSB reveals plans for £200 million data centre in Scotland
UK bank Lloyds TSB is planning to open a £200 million data centre in Scotland. The facility will be based in the county of Dumfriesshire. The bank expects to submit a formal planning application for the facility’s construction on farmland near Ecclefechan. The project is expected to create 600 jobs during the construction and 50 once the data centre is online.

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