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SD-WAN demand surging across Europe

IDC and Cisco are among those highlighting SD-WAN as a technology that is in serious growth mode

Networking resellers are enjoying a surge in customer demand for software defined-WANs as the technology starts to gain momentum in the UK and across Europe.

Software defined networking has been around for a while but the technology has now hit the WAN and IDC is reporting strong demand over the next few years.

The analyst house has seen a gathering momentum around SD-WAN with established vendors and a growing number of start-ups providing options.

IDC has also noticed a growing number of service providers "jumping on the bandwagon" to take a slice of a market that it expects to grow at an average pace of 92% per year to hit $2.1bn by 2021.

"SD-WAN has emerged as one of the hottest topics in the WAN industry," said Jan Hein Bakkers, senior research manager at IDC.

"It will become one of the key building blocks of network evolution, driving the flexibility, manageability, scalability, and cost effectiveness that organizations require in their balancing act between rapidly growing requirements and much flatter budgets," he added.

It is because of reasons that SD-WAN has been described as compelling by IDC and expected to continue to grow as solutions mature and more customers become aware of the technology.

SD-WAN also got a mention as one of the top things to look for as a major trend from Cisco in its Visual Networking Index.

The networking giant expects SD-WAN traffic to grow at a CAGR of 44%, increase six-fold by 2021 and represent a quarter of WAN traffic.

The growth in SD-WAN compares to growth of just 5% for traditional WAN over the next five years, according to Cisco.

“As global digital transformation continues to impact billions of consumers and businesses, the network and security will be essential to support the future of the Internet,” said Yvette Kanouff, svp and general manager of service provider business, Cisco.

“Driving network innovation with service providers will be key for Cisco to support the needs of their customers who want reliable, secure, and high quality connected experiences," she added.

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