Varonis exposes lax attitude to data

Varonis survey highlights high levels of ignorance from users about where their data resides and who is looking after cloud-based information

With the focus of both the storage and security sides of the channel increasingly falling on data it's rather concerning that so many senior managers at customers have only a loose grip on understanding where their information resides.

A failure to control data undermines business intelligence efforts but also raises security questions around just what information needs to be protected, particularly important in the BYOD era.

Research carried out by Varonis revealed that around 67% of those quizzed had to admit senior management did not know where data resided and 74% had no formal process for tracking files that had been placed into the cloud.

The attitude towards data in the cloud should have raised eyebrows with only 9% of firms having a process in place to authorise and review those accessing hosted information. A significant 68% had no plans in place to introduce secure procedures.

"The results clearly show a lack of control by those organizations that have adopted cloud file sync services", said David Gibson, VP of strategy at Varonis.

"The most disturbing findings were the number of companies that report they have no way to track what data is being stored in the cloud, no process to manage access to that data (or plans to do so), and that management doesn't know where enterprise data is stored. This should act as a wakeup call for organizations to develop a conscious strategy to ensure secure collaboration as quickly as possible," he added.

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