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April-June 2020

Two-fifths of Middle East IT staff would change job for more money

Learning new skills and taking on more responsibility are some of the main reasons why Middle East-based IT staff would change jobs – but a pay increase is the main attraction. According to the Computer Weekly/TechTarget Salary Survey 2019, 39% of IT workers in the region said they would change their position for more money. This was the main reason in all job categories questioned apart from architects, where the main reason for changing jobs was to learn new skills for 77% of them. Learning new skills was the second most popular reason for changing jobs overall, with 21% of respondents citing this. When it comes to salaries in Middle East IT, C-level executives are the top earners, taking home an average of €121,000 a year. Directors of IT earn an average of €107,000, while architects are on €93,000, managers €72,000, analysts €53,000 and IT staff €42,000. Less popular reasons for changing jobs were improving work/life balance (15%), to get a senior title (11%), and to have more responsibility (9%). When it comes to work/life ...

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